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    Push Sports Thumb Brace

    Safely play sports and perform everyday activities with the Push Sports Thumb Brace protecting your skier’s thumb or other thumb MP joint ligament injuries.

    The Push Sports Thumb Brace for women and men stabilizes the injured middle thumb joint (MP joint) to boost your hand function during sports activities.

    With a contoured padded shell to protect your thumb and adjustable straps to secure its position, the Push Sports Thumb Brace’s low-profile design can easily be worn under a sports glove. Made from breathable, washable, (see CARE tab) durable, high-quality materials, the brace minimizes coverage of your palm so it will not interfere with sporting activities.

    Push Sports Thumb Brace is the ideal brace for women or men with:

    • Ligament injury to the thumb MP joint (skier’s thumb, RCL injury or gamekeeper’s thumb)
    • Sprain/strain of the thumb
    • Thumb instability.

    How to Size the Push Sports Thumb Brace

    Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your hand, just below the knuckles as shown, excluding the thumb. Choose the appropriate size from the chart.

    NOTE: This measurement is only a guideline for determining size. If your measurement is near the size break point, you should try on both sizes to determine the best fit.

    It is very important to apply this brace correctly; please review the Application video.

    Push Sports Thumb Brace Size Chart

    How to Care for the Push Sports Thumb Brace

    Following the recommended care instructions can greatly extend the life of your Push Sports Thumb Brace and its straps.

    • Close all straps before washing
    • Place the brace in a net bag
    • Machine wash on gentle cycle at low temperature
    • Allow to air dry
    • DO NOT add bleach
    • DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.
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