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    ProCare Frog Splint

    The Frog Splint by Rolyan is designed to easily contour to ensure that your finger joints maintain the same position while in use. This foam-lined aluminum splint is excellent to be used to help treat minor to moderate finger injuries. Excellent for personal and professional care and available in three sizes. The Small size has a length of 2-1/4", Medium 3" and Large 3-1/4".
    • Designed to immobilize your finger's joints and encourage proper healing
    • Constructed flexible but sturdy aluminum and a foma interior
    • Sold in packages of 12
    • Latex free
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    Bullseye Brace Wrist Band

    Helps relieve ulnar-sided wrist pain, support TFCC injuries, and stabilize the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) through targeted compression made possible by its unique silicone ring design.


    Therapeutic night splint isolates the wrist joint and hand in a comfortable position while sleeping or resting. Soft, cushioned foam fabric covers a semi-rigid sleeve; ergoBead pad between palm and thumb secures the splint in place and supports the arch of the hand.

    Tubular Foam Bandages- Pack of 3, 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large

    Surround Cushion & Protect Toes 3 3 -Long Pieces Mixed 1 S 1 M 1L 3/Pkg Relieves corns ingrown nails and other irritations Absorb Pressure & Friction Cushion, Separate, Protect, Soothe Trim to fit

    Boxer Finger Splint Hand Brace


    Soft-Touch Carbon Electrodes cloth back (PMT gel), 2” x 4” rectangle, (4pack)

    Electrodes life-span and effectiveness can be enhanced by rubbing a small drop of water on the pad after use. Always keep your pads in the air tight package directly after use. For best therapy results, it is recommended that your Electrodes are replaced after the conductive gel starts to wear down. This occurs after 10-15 uses per pad, depending on the length of the use. A self adhesive reusable disposable electrode with a pig tail pin connector. Available with a carbon and a blue cloth backing. Oval corners help minimize edge curl. Our brand of electrodes delivers great dispersion, durability, and is valued priced. Average use is 10-15 uses, with reseal able pouch.Usage : For use with almost all Tens units and EMS devices,IF,Russian units ,Back : Resilient Blue Fabric