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    Pill Box with Audible and Flashing Reminder Alarms

    Dual alarms remind you to take your pills
    Product #: 25361575MX
    • Set 14 reminders (2x/day for 1 week or 1x/day for 2 weeks)
    • Dual alarm— flashing light plus audible beep
    • Oversized buttons and easy-to-read LED numbers
    • Day of week marked in braille and print on pill boxes
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Remembering to take your pills can be difficult at any age. Taking incorrect doses of important medications, not taking them at the right time, or even worse— skipping them entirely— can leave you not feeling up to par and can affect your overall health. But managing your medicines does not have to be difficult or complicated.

    The Med-Q Pill Box features a simple, reliable combination of audible and flashing reminder alarms that makes forgetting or double dosing virtually impossible. With individual daily pillboxes marked in braille and bold black print for the day of the week, patients and caregivers can pre-fill up to 2 weeks of pills at a time, planning ahead to ensure that the proper doses of required medications are taken as prescribed.

    Simply set the times you would like to take your pills and the Med-Q will do the rest! An adjustable sounding alarm will notify you when it's time to take your pills. A bright flashing light will illuminate the individual pills that need to be taken. Your alarms will not stop until you have taken your pills.

    Med-Q can prevent the mistakes that can cause a health and financial crisis for you or a loved one. Take advantage of Med-Q's technology and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

    - Oversized buttons for easy programming
    - Large, easy-to-read numbers on the LED display
    - Easy-to-see reminders tell you when your next dose is due
    - Low battery indicator
    - Set up to 14 reminders (ex. twice a day for one week or once a day for 2 weeks)
    - At alarm time, light flashes in individual pillbox that needs to be taken
    - Audible alarm starts softer and gets louder; sounds for 5 minutes then shuts itself off
    - Alarm cycle repeats every 25 minutes until pills are taken and 'Next Alert' button is pressed
    - Removable individual daily pill boxes are clear to allow viewing of contents
    - Day of week is brailled and marked in bold black print on individual daily pillboxes
    - Pillboxes have tabs for easy opening and curved insides for easy scooping and pouring
    - Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Individual container dimensions: 1" high x 0.75" wide x 1" long
    Overall dimensions: 8.75" long x 4.5" wide x 1" high
    Weight: 13 oz.

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