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    PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Scent, Each

    This male urine guard is quick and easy; no more embarrassing mess. If you need to sit and pee, be proactive in preventing accidents by purchasing a PGuard urine splash guard for all your toilets. Sit back and relax on your porcelain throne and keep the "P" in the bowl and not on the floor! Men, sit on your throne and worry no more! This toilet splash guard keeps the "P" where it should be! In the bowl and not on the floor! This toilet seat urine guard is also great for moms who are potty training a toddler!
    Product #: 2PGUARD1CIS
    • Toilet seat splash guard
    • Will accommodate MOST toilet seats
    • Keeps urine in the bowl where it belongs
    • Keeps toilet and bathroom clean and fresh
    • Mild Fresh Linen scent is a pleasant addition to any bathroom
    • Unique design looks sleek, like it is part of the toilet seat
    • Totally hidden when seat is down
    • Innovative design makes it easy to install and replace
    • Easy to clean / Saves time / More sanitary / Disposable
    • Made in USA

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