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    Pedors Classic MAX Slides For Lymphedema

    The Pedors Classic Slide features an open back and wide single strap closure system allows the shoe to opened very wide. The foot is placed in the shoe and secured to the optimum comfort level. If the swelling in your feet increases during the day simply readjust the single strap and in no time you will be walking in comfort again. Designed to provide relief from those suffering with swollen feet, edema, lymphedema, CMT, diabetes and arthritis as well as bunions and other forefoot problems.


    • Lightweight materials ensure that feet don't tire throughout the day
    • Stretch uppers form around bunions, hammertoes, crossed-toes as well as accommodate very swollen feet with seamless design
    • Single Wide-Strap Closure
    • Stretch uppers can be heat molded if needed to make permanent forms around particularly difficult toes / bunion
    • Removable Inserts
    • Machine Washable


    1. Stand (Or Sit): Ideally the person being measured should be in a standing position, but seated is OK. Place their stockinged feet on a piece of paper. (For bandaged or compression wrapped feet, trace the foot with the bandages/wraps on).
    2. Trace: Trace around the feet, making sure to keep the pen vertical so the tracing is as accurate as possible.
    3. Measure: From the tracings measure the longer of the two feet and make a note of it. Then measure the wider of the two feet (at the ball of the foot where it is widest) and make a note of that too.

    Foot Measuring Graphic Pedors

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