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    OA Knee Brace – #46

    Use this knee brace for the following indications: • Mild to moderate medial compartment OA without instability. • Meniscus procedures. • Chondral defect procedures. • Moderate lateral compartment OA without instability; it is possible to reduce the load on the lateral compartment by using a “right” brace on a left leg or a “left” brace on a right leg. • Available in left or right.

    In your quest to live an active lifestyle, the #46 knee brace brings your comfort to a new level with its elegant and light design. Available for the right or left knee, this brace alleviates knee pain by reducing the weight on your medial or lateral compartment by using the three point pressure system. It is composed of two aluminum reinforced semi-rigid straps that surround the distal region (above the knee) and the proximal region (below the knee). These straps are to be custom moulded to allow for an optimal torsion support. Additionally, these straps are bound together by a patented articulated aluminum support that is easily adjustable for flexion and extension and accessible within a zipped pocket.
    The patient can adjust the amount of lateral pressure applied by choosing between two different buttress (cushion) thicknesses. The high surface of the brace’s sleeve allows for comfortable support around the affected joint. The patellar support on this brace is easy and simple to use and allows for a straight forward fitting of the product. Should you need to mould the brace to certain specifications or simply to wash the sleeve, the articulated support could be easily removed by unzipping the brace.

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