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    sEMG Data Card

    VECTRA GENISYS Accessories. Sold individually.

    Patient Kit- OptiFlex S

    Continuous Passive Motion is a postoperative procedure designed to aid in the recovery after joint surgery. After extensive joint surgery, if a patient fails to move their joint, the tissue around the joint will become stiff and scar tissue will form, resulting in a joint with limited range of motion, which often takes months of physical therapy to recover.

    Mini Lotion Warmer - Non-Electric

    Hangs on the front of the Hydrocollator® E-1 or E-2 Heating Unit and uses the unit's warmth to keep lotion or gel at a comfortable temperature. Bottles are not included.

    Lotion Warmer - Model TM-1, Table Mounted

    Easily attaches to any treatment table or wall to keep massage lotion or ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature and within reach. Bottles are not included.

    Intelect Transport Battery Pack

    Intelect Transport Battery Pack for Using the unit without a power source (Charging), includes Charger, etc., Unit will hold 8-12 Hours of Continued Use.

    Sensorimotor LED Laser Headlamp

    Rechargeable LED Laser Headlamp with an Adjustable Waist Belt, for Sensorimotor Control Testing.

    Bilateral Sander 9" Square

    Bilateral sander is used to improve upper extremity strength and normal movement Increase the difficulty level by adding weights to the box Made of durable solid wood Easy-glide feet on the bottom

    Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler

    Integrated cold and compression are clinically proven to help reduce post-operative swelling and regain range of motion. The Cryo/Cuff IC provides gravity and motorized, automated cold and compression therapy for flexibility of care. Featuring an integrated pneumatic pump within its lid, the Cryo/Cuff IC is simply designed and easy to use.

    HAND WEIGHT: Weighted Pouch

    The Hand Weight is a weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand that is recommended for use during fine motor or self help activities. It can also be beneficial for rehab purposes, reducing tremoring and strengthening activities.


    The RangeMaster® ShoulderWand™ is a collapsible stretching bar for patients who need to stretch shoulder-area scar tissue and increase range of motion.

    Horizontal Ring Tree

    Horizontal ring tree designed for people with neurological disorders, burns and orthopedic problems.

    Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Strap

    Stabilizing support for elbow pain, swelling and injury

    FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

    Relieve back pain from the comfort of home with the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, fitted with premium features and accessories to enhance ease of use, relaxation, and decompression.

    Hawkgrips Sets

    Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) tools enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction.

    UE Ranger Orthopedic

    UE Ranger: includes (1) original hand piece, telescoping tube, and one base along with your choice of optional Door or Wall mount

    Choose a Grip/Hand Option and/or any additional accessory mount

    The JW Stabilization Clip

    Quickly and securely attaches the Mobilization Strap to the edge of most treatment tables.

    UE Ranger Neuro

    UE Ranger Neuro: Includes Telescopic Tube, 2 Bases, and *HAND ATTACHMENT OF YOUR CHOICE* and Neuro Applications Manual

    **Choose a Grip/Hand Option and/or any additional accessory mount**

    Semi-circular Peg Board

    Semi-circular pegboard designed for people with hand injuries, neurological involvement or orthopedic injuries. Increase upper extremity ROM, strength, coordination and endurance, or improve cognitive and visual skills. 3 tiers hold 43 pegs. Pegs come in two different lengths and three diameters.

    Folding Mirror Therapy Box, Arm/Foot/Ankle

    This medium sized unit is suitable for hand, elbow, foot and ankle rehabilitation. Very portable and folds in seconds to just 37 x 48 x 1cm (14 1/2" x 19" x 3/8"). Used for many conditions including phantom limb pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) also known as RSD or Sudeks Atrophy as will as for stroke rehabilitation and rehab after an injury or surgery.

    FitSpine X3 Inversion Table **OVERSIZE**

    Relieve back pain in style and in comfort with the Teeter FitSpine™ X-series Inversion Table. The X3 is fitted with features and accessories to enhance relaxation and ease of use. Ideal for back pain sufferers, the X3 is equipped with the Deluxe EZ-Reach™ ankle system that features our longest, micro-adjusting ratcheting handle made of aerospace-grade stainless steel for a perfect fit. The Stretch Max™ and Traction Handles on the X3 provide maximum support and assistance while you invert.

    Soft White Marsden Ball

    Soft Training Ball Soft white ball with all letters of the alphabet on the surface. 90mm. (3.6") diameter; 90 gr. weight; made of polyurethane material. The ball comes attached to a 17ft, white string. This is a great addition to any therapy room!

    Franklin Textured Ball Set

    Designed to facilitate the exercises of the Franklin Method®. Balls are the ideal density and size for relaxation exercises of the neck, jaw, elbow, hip and more. Approximately 3.5" in diameter. Set of two. Latex- and phthalate-free.

    XL Professional Wooden Slant Board

    Adjustable incline board and calf stretcher with extra Side-Handle design for portability

    Activity Pillow

    Activity Pillow helps calm those with Alzheimer's or dementia, keeping hands occupied. Activities include zipping, buttoning, fastening, and buckling. Textures offer tactile stimulation. Bird chirps when pressed. Straps secure to bed or tray. Items are permanently attached to help prevent swallowing or loss. Machine washable. 22"W x 15-1/2"L x 1"H For more information on the Activity Pillow, click here.

    Activity Apron

    Activity Apron Provides visual and tactile stimulation for clients with diminished cognitive function. Bright colors and texture variation. Threading and buttoning activities help improve fine motor skills. Center plastic pocket holds photo. Secures like an apron around the patient's waist. Machine washable. Suitable for Alzheimer's patients.


    Provide a stress-loading program to treat reflex sympathetic dystrophy as described in the Journal of Hand Surgery*.

    Balance Platform

    Dynamic Platform - Develops necessary proprioception in the elderly to the stabilizers in the elite athlete. Simulates a slip through motion in all horizontal planes. Provides secure footing and supports up to 500 pounds. Adjustable Suspension Chains - Adjustable Balance Platform height, degree of stability and tilt sensitivity. Perturbates in both standing and seated positions for therapeutic and sport-specific treatments. Safely Train Balance - Convenient bars provide security and increased confidence during all phases of training. Can be used with your favorite balance accessory ie: Foam pad, DynaDisc®, & BOSU® Ball.

    Digi-Flex Multi, 32 Additional Finger Buttons with Box (4 Each: Tan through Gold)

    The Digi-Flex Multi hand exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination.

    Baseline Digital Inclinometer

    Digital Inclinometer with fixed feet is used to measure range-of-motion (ROM). Place inclinometer near the joint to be measured; press "zero" button; move joint through its range; press the "hold" button. Read measurements on LCD. Uses 1 x 3v CR2032 battery (included). Some neck and back measurement protocols require the simultaneous use of 2 inclinometers.

    PSO Everything Bundle & Single Tools

    Can’t decide? Are you the type of person that needs to have everything? Every option in your arsenal for health and wellness? Then this is the Combo Pack deal for you!

    Bodymed Knee CPM Pad Kit for Danniger, Kinetec and Breg

    CPM pads fastened to a continuous passive motion machine provide the utmost comfort and function during knee therapy sessions. These BodyMed Knee CPM Kits, by Body Sport, are premium CPM pads made to fit the Danniger, Kinetec, and Breg Continuous Passive Motion Machines. These CPM pads are made with durable fleece that has a look similar to lambswool. It comes with hook and loop fastening straps to secure the leg as it rests either of the three models' carriage. The kit increases patient care by, not only making the therapy session a more enjoyable, comfortable experience, but to allow the leg to be better positioned as it rests inside the padding. With the leg kept warm, snug in an optimal placement, and with fabric that is easy to clean, the BodyMed Knee CPM Pad Kit is a great choice to complement your Danniger, Kinetec, or Breg CPM machine.

    Cho Pat Upper Arm Strap

    The Cho-Pat® Upper Arm Strap™ with Dynamic Pain Diffusion™ prevents the pulling and tearing of tendons and muscles in the upper arm.

    Bubble Mate Foot Spa

    REJUVENATES OVERWORKED FEET: Treat your feet after a long day of work with this Bubble Mate Foot Spa. The massage water jets and raised nodes work to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet. REMOVABLE PUMICE STONE: Pamper your feet and shape them to perfection with the included callus removing stone SPLASH PROOF: The foot spa was designed with an integrated splash guard that helps prevent splashing and spills. This makes it easy to carry your foot spa without worrying about spilling the water, for a mess free experience. TOE-TOUCH CONTROL: The foot spa was designed with a convenient toe-touch control that allows you to turn it on and off without getting your hands wet.

    Mohawk- Attachment- Compatible IASTM System

    Welcome to the second IASTM revolution. RockBlades® Mohawk ushers in a new era of IASTM capabilities, never before seen in the industry. A complete, turnkey system featuring 3 tools in one, Mohawk enables you to treat a wide range of pain*, mobility and neurological issues with one precision-crafted stainless steel tool and two unique, patent-pending attachments.

    Complete Soft Tissue IASTM System

    Welcome to the future of IASTM. Now even better with all stainless steel tools. Every detail of RockBlades—each edge, angle, and contour, was carefully cultivated and refined over the course of two years. RockBlades are comprised of two precision-engineered and manufactured instruments: a surgical-grade stainless steel “Mallet” and a surgical-grade stainless steel “Mullet,” accompanied by a 100% natural RockRub emollient and sanitizing wipes to form a complete, turn-key IASTM system. RockBlades are sold as a complete IASTM solution - 1 Mallet, 1 Mullet, a 50g RockRub Jar and a pack of sanitizing wipes. They're housed in a reusable docking station made of high quality plastic that can be washed and used to store the tools for use and display.

    Adult Seated Quadriciser

    The Quadriciser Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy System is the only medical device that moves all four limbs simultaneously in a continuous, natural, passive motion with high repetitions to help reconnect the nerve pathways in the brain. The Quadriciser performs 19 rehabilitative therapies including simulated walking, crossing midline, ankle dorisflexion, etc. It is humanly impossible to replicate the consistent and constant motion provided by the Quadriciser and takes the physical exhaustion out of therapy.


    First during-use HFCWO fully mobile Airway Clearance Therapy Anatomically targets all 5 lobes of the lungs, both front and back Promotes airway clearance and secretion mobilization Clinically improved lung function shown in clinical studies

    ACTIVATOR Walking Poles & Replacement Tips

    These evidence-based Poles were designed by an occupational therapist & gerontologist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions. This unique patented design enhances strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind.

    Slant Board for Stretching

    Simple but highly effective Slant Board for controlled stretching of the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg. Ideal to aid in the rehabilitation of Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other lower leg injuries. Another advantage of the slant board is that when both feet are placed on it then you can quickly tell if one leg is tighter than the other which could be a possible imbalance and injury risk. 300 lb. weight capacity.

    Ergo Arm Skate

    Ergo Arm Skate with Hand Piece for deluxe skate board cradles arm and positions hand for range of motion exercises.


    VitalStim provides dysphagia patients with the treatment they deserve and therapists with the support they need. Research shows that the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) relieves patients of the emotional, physical, and financial burdens of feeding tubes—allowing a return to normalcy. It also creates an opportunity for therapists to not only manage their patients’ difficulties, but also to overcome them. Can also purchase additional EMG ELECTRODES separately.

    Dycem Matting, 8" x 10 yds, Blue

    8" x 10 yds. (20cm x 9.1m) Non-slip material keeps objects from sliding or rolling.

    Upright GO 2

    The UPRIGHT GO 2™ is a smart wearable that trains your posture. It is worn on the upper back using either an adhesive or necklace and notifies you with a gentle vibration whenever you slouch. The device pairs with a free companion app that provides personalized training plans, progress tracking, and daily posture stats.


    The HALO REJUVENATOR evenly distributes one pound of weight around the entire circumference of the headband.

    Stretch-EZ for Plantar Fasciitis

    A unique stretching aid that assists in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, calf, thigh, hip and low back strains and injuries, even for users with limited range of motion.

    Nylatex Wraps

    Hold therapeutic applications in place during treatment. Can be used with muscle stimulator electrodes, steam packs, and cold packs. Make excellent slings and tennis elbow wraps. Several sizes available. Reusable.

    IdealKnee Knee Extension Device

    This unique device is one of those must haves after knee surgery or an injury; It will help alleviate pain, swelling and soreness, improve your range of motion and increase flexibility,. Get back to the gym, playing sports, dancing, and living your best life.

    IdealStretch Original Multifunctional Stretching Device

    This hamstring and calf stretcher will help put all of that pain, tightness, soreness in your rearview, so you can get back on your feet and experience all that life has to offer.

    Exercise Feedback Device

    This simple device consists of a combination gauge/inflation bulb connected to a pressure chamber. Its straightforward design makes it easy for physical therapists and athletic trainers to detect real-time changes in clients' air pressure during exercise and make positional adjustments.

    Laser Target Maze ONLY

    Use with Sensorimotor LED Laser Headlamp for Sensorimotor Control Testing.

    Miscellaneous Therapy Aids