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    Meridius 17 pcs Cupping Set

    Our Meridius Cupping Sets are available in 17 pieces. They come in a sturdy black case which is ideal for traveling, storage and easy sterilization. Made from high-quality polycarbonate, These Cupping Sets are extremely durable and won’t crack.
    Product #: 214451M
    • Robust Material: High-quality polycarbonate means these cups are chatter-proof and exceptionally hard-wearing
    • Size Range: 10 cups in 4 different sizes for fantastic versatility
    • Comprehensive Equipment: Set includes hand suction pump and extension tube
    • Sturdy Case:Entire set is packaged in a robust case perfect for storage and transport
    • Easy Sterilisation: Silicone valves are removable so the cups can be separately sterilised
    • Weight: 1.5 kg

    Our cupping sets are extremely versatile due to the large number of cupping shapes and dimensions available.

    They come in:

    oval shape ideal for peri-spinal regions, curved bottom for the side of the body and triangle-shaped for edged surfaces.

    Sizes included:

    8 x Size 1 round (55mm)

    1 x Size 2 contoured (43 mm)

    1 x Size 3 contoured (41 mm)

    1 x Size 4 contoured (34 mm)

    1 x Size 5 round (27 mm)

    1 x Size 5 triangular (23 mm)

    1 x Size 6 spine cup (72 mm x 54 mm x 70 mm)

    1 x Size 7 contoured spine cup (61 mm x 42 mm x 65 mm)

    1 x Size 8 tall round (50 mm)

    1 x Size 9 contoured (40 mm)

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