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    LMB Ulnar Nerve Splint

    The LMB™ Ulnar Nerve Splint dynamically flexes the MP joints of the ring and little finger to allow functional use of the hand. Lightweight and easy to clean.
    For ulnar nerve injury and boxer's fracture of 4th and 5th metacarpal. Spring assists flexion of the MP joints of the ring and little finger, while allowing functional use of the hand. The flexion bar provides approximately 3.5 lbs. of force. For size, measure width of hand at MP joints in inches. If measurement falls between sizes, use the larger size. Weighs less than 2 oz. Latex free.
    • Dynamically flexes the MP joints of the ring and little finger
    • Allows functional use of the hand
    • Weighs less that 2 oz.
    Ulnar nerve injury and boxer’s fracture (4th and 5th metacarpals).
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