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    Lifesource UA-1030T Talking One Step Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor (Medium Cuff)

    Tricheck measurement feature 90 memory recall Readings and instructions verbally in english, french or spanish Clock, time and date stamp Pressure rating indicator and irregular heartbeat detection **Replacement Large Cuff Available**- SlimFit Replacement Cuff in the size large measures 12.2" - 17.7".
    To speed up readings, pressure levels can be preset to 180, 210 or 240, or set to automatic. The unit shuts off after four announcements of the measurement or may be stopped at any time by pressing the start button. Users can take three consecutive measurements and the unit will average the results. Features 90 memory recall, time and date stamp,and movement error and cuf fit error indicators. Includes AC adapter and four AA batteries. Medium cuff fits 9.4" - 14.2" (24cm - 36cm).

    The ua-1030t talking blood pressure monitor improves upon all of the innovations a and d medical has created over its 30+ year history. this fully featured monitor is equipped with innovations in cuff design, pressurization and deflation (3a technology). to speed up readings users can preset pressure levels or set them to automatic. the ua-1030t offers the option of tricheck measurement which allows users to take three consecutive readings and receive an average, complying with the american heart association's latest recommendation. the ua-1030t has the option to give all readings and instructions verbally in english, french or spanish. people resist taking their blood pressure because it can be uncomfortable. as a cuff constricts during a measurement, wrinkles form on the inside of the cuff. the material bunches up against the user's arm and creates discomfort. the new smoothfit cuff is designed to seamlessly conform to the user's arm and give the most comfortable experience possible. it comes standard on the ua-1030t talking blood pressure monitor. the advanced warning system alerts the user to the most common problems while monitoring, and helps to avoid them. each unit also comes with a trilingual instruction manual with log book, quick start card, storage case, ac adapter and 4 aa batteries.

    Tested for accuracy, the A&D Medical Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to quickly measure your pulse and blood pressure. This monitor features TriCheck measuring and 3A Technology, which translate to fast, accurate, and comfortable testing. A SmoothFit cuff seamlessly conforms to your arm, and optional audio readings and full instructions are offered in English, French, or Spanish. With a 90-reading recall, time/date stamp, and other reading indicators, this monitor makes it easy to track your results over time.

    Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor with TriCheck and SmoothFit Cuff (UA-1030T) At a Glance:
    • Clinically validated and approved by the European Hypertension Society
    • Features TriCheck measurement providing an average reading
    • 90-reading memory recall to track readings
    • Boasts 3A Technology with advanced cuff design, pressurization, and deflation
    • Easy-to-read monitor and auto-inflate SmoothFit cuff
    • Provides audio readings and instructions in English, French, or Spanish
    This monitor features a Pressure Rating Indicator to help you know whether your blood pressure is high, low, or within normal range. View larger. Tracks Your Readings

    The blood pressure monitor stores your previous 90 measurements, allowing you to track your blood pressure and pulse over time. Its clock and time/date stamp make it easy to review and identify previous readings. The monitor also calculates the average of previous readings, so you can quickly get a sense of your progress.

    This monitor also boasts TriCheck measurement, which takes three consecutive readings and provides an average. This type of measurement is recommended by the American Heart Association.

    Tested for Accuracy

    Approved by the European Hypertension Society, this monitor has been tested to ensure you get an accurate reading every time. This monitor's blood pressure measurements are comparable to readings taken using the cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, within the limits of the American National Standards Institute.

    Convenient Audio Option in Three Languages

    On a large display, the monitor shows your pulse, systolic and diastolic readings, and the time in easy-to-read numbers. In addition to displaying your readings, this monitor has an audio option that can give readings in English, French, or Spanish. Instructions are also available through this audio option.

    SmoothFit Cuff with 3A Technology

    The monitor features a SmoothFit cuff boasting 3A Technology, for improved cuff design, pressurization, and deflation. The cuff inflates automatically at the press of a button, and you can even preset pressure levels to streamline testing.

    Unlike other cuffs that can cause discomfort during testing, the SmoothFit cuff is designed to conform to your arm for a more comfortable testing experience.

    Simplifies Reading to Eliminate Guesswork

    The monitor features a pressure rating indicator that displays whether your blood pressure is high, low, or normal. While a trained professional should always interpret

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