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    Let's Go Indoor Rollator

    COMPACT: Maneuver through narrow passageways and tight spaces FOLDABLE: Lightweight frame easily folds to store in small places TRAY: Trolley food and drinks or use the Rollator as a TV tray BASKET: Complete household chores or store personal items WEIGHT CAPACITY: Supports up to 250 lbs UNILEVER BRAKE: Easily control your movement with one or two hands ADJUSTABLE: Adjust the ergonomic handle in height from 32.5″-37.5″
    Product #: 24500S
    • Max. width: 22.8″
    • Length: 23.6”
    • Weight: 14.3 lbs.
    • Handle height adjustable from: 32.5“ – 37.5”
    • Seat height: 26.8”
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
    • Front wheel diameter: 6”
    • Rear wheel diameter: 6”
    • Max. bag load: 11 lbs.
    • Max. tray load: 11 lbs.