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    Custom Reclining Back Wheelchair Positioning Kit

    Excellent replacement for Geri chairs. It supports laterally, cushions and protects. **Wheelchair NOT included. Contact Customer service for required measurements. Price is base price and can increase with customization.

    Lateral Support for Geri Chair

    Geri Chair Lateral Supports have a solid insert behind two inches of high resiliency foam to prevent those residents who have severe lateral leaning problems from falling or climbing out of the Geri Chair. ** GERI CHAIR NOT INCLUDED

    Skil-Care Adjustable Lateral Support with Velcro®- Large,Width adjusts 16"–24"

    Width-adjustable side pads provide maximum support and minimizes left-right leaning in wheelchairs and most other chairs. Foam-padded sides adjust in or out for comfort.

    Skil-Care Lateral Body Pad- Synthetic Sheepskin

    Padded armrest secures easily with three tie-ons and a nylon webbing strap with hook and loop closure. Zippered cover removes for machine washing. 17-3/4"L x 7"W x 12"H. Latex free.

    Skil-Care Wheelchair Side Wings

    Wheelchair Side Wings by Skil-Care is a comfortable support cushion for the bilaterally leaning resident. This foam-padded, rigid-framed wings attach easily to any wheelchair, and are excellent for personal use. Covered with durable vinyl this product features an easy-to-clean surface. The X-tra Support Side Wings include armrest pads for additional stability and comfort, and both options are sold as pairs. Additional instructions provided below.

    Skil-Care™ Snug Supports- Snug Support, pair

    This dual sided support fills gaps in a wheelchair and can also be placed on any side of the wheelchair for promoting proper sitting posture. • Fills the gap between resident and armrest • Effective for promoting proper sitting posture • Foam padded for resident comfort • Covered in durable, wipe-clean nylon • Provides hip guide for pelvic alignment • Can be used on either side of the wheelchair

    Lateral Support Arm Trough

    This newly updated design offers positioning and support in a more stylish and compact arm trough. Vertical support stabilizes the user’s torso, while the trough provides support and comfort for the arm.

    Slip-On Wheelchair Arm and Lateral Body Support

    Available in Elevated option! The Wheelchair Arm/Lateral Body Support covers the entire arm rest. It provides some lateral support as well as a padded surface on which the patient may rest his or her arm.

    Slip-On Arm Bolsters

    Slip-On Bolsters are designed to cover wheelchair arm posts in order to protect the skin integrity of the resident. These bolsters cushion and prevent tears and skin breakdown common to the upper extremities.


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