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    You can choose from one of two handsome designs and also select a left- or right-handed product. STOP FREEZING. START WALKING.
    *Right/Left hand is not which is the dominant hand. But, referrers to Which hand will hold the cane.
    The LaserCue is an innovative product designed to attach to any cane and reduce Parkinson’s freezing. It works by projecting a safe, obstacle-free red line on the floor to step toward, which can enable Parkinson’s patients with “freezing” episodes to walk with less hesitation, longer strides and more safety. The laser projects every time your cane touches the floor while walking. The LaserCue, appropriately named for how it works, uses laser cueing technology to reduce Parkinson’s freezing.

    Product Information

    The LaserCue module installs easily on canes that measure between 3/4″-7/8″ wide. Just slide the LaserCue up the body of the cane close to the handle and tighten the two thumbscrews on the back of the LaserCue to secure it to your cane. (Youtube assembly videos available)

    The LaserCue is powered by two AA batteries that last many months and are easy to change without any tools.

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