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    (LARGE) Shoulder T-Shellz - Use on Either The Left or Right Shoulder!

    This dual purpose versatility gives you the ability to focus on treatment of the injured shoulder - while still having the ability to treat the opposite shoulder (which will bear more stress as a result of you protecting the injured side). Helps Treat Rotator Cuff Tears, Shoulder Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Bursitis, Shoulder Impingement, AC Joint Separation, Supraspinatus Tendinitis, General Shoulder Tightness and Stiffness and Chronic Shoulder Pain - Safely, Naturally and Effectively!
    Product #: 2SHOLTMM
    • FDA Registered Class II Medical Device
    • Targeted treatment of Rotator Cuff, Bursitis, Impingement, Arthritis, etc
    • Fits a Chest Size of Between 43 and 59 Inches - Adjustable Velcro Straps
    • Carbon fiber energy pad is strong, lightweight, and flexible - contours very easily
    • Soft and durable neoprene for superior comfort.

    Please Note: The Large Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap fits someone who wears a Large or XL+ sized Shirt.

    Fits A Chest Size Between 43 inches and 59 Inches - Adjustable Velcro Straps.

    The NEW Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap can be used on either the Left or Right Shoulder.

    The T-Shellz Wrap is based on an Electromagnetic Energy - which is very beneficial during the healing process. Read on to find out all the details...

    How The Shoulder T-Shellz Enhances Your Healing

    One basic premise of healing muscle or soft tissue injuries is to focus on enhancing blood flow to those damaged tissues. It is through the blood the body transports antibodies, nutrients, and oxygen. Nourishing your injured tissues with these healing properties should enhance the capacity of the body to help in healing of them.

    An effective way to stimulate blood flow to the tissues deeper within the body is through the use of an energy based on an Electromagnetic principal. Of importance, Electromagnetic Energy waves are not conductive heat waves (like a traditional heating pad is) - they operate on a different wavelength and hence, can penetrate deeper into the body.

    When these energy waves are emitted, they penetrate through your skin and fatty tissues until they reach your ligaments, muscles, cartilage, and tendons. Once they reach the targeted areas, they are absorbed and quickly converted into thermal energy...right at the location of the injury.

    This results in relaxation of the vessel walls within the targeted and surrounding tissues. The vessels gently expand when warmed, allowing for more nutrient rich blood flow along with extra oxygen and antibodies to reach the damaged tissue. Plus, the enhanced blood flow helps in flushing cell waste and fluid build-up from the injury site - further enhancing the ability of the body to begin to heal.

    In comparison to a traditional heating pad (which most people are familiar with), those devices provide more of a surface heat. The heat that a standard heating pad and heated pack provides has to be forced through multiple layers of skin and fatty tissues (known as conduction). With each layer of skin the heat passes through, there will a corresponding energy loss because that heat is absorbing into each layer of skin or fat it passes through. By the time the heat reaches the targeted area deeper in the body, there is less energy remaining and hence, a lessened ability to stimulate blood flow to the injured tissues you are attempting to heal.


    The T-Shellz Wrap Difference!

    1. Well to begin, the T-Shellz wrap uses a very soft neoprene that feels very comforting on the body. It hugs the body in a very serene way. You will love how it feels! The Large T Shellz Wrap uses adjustable velcro straps and will fit a chest size of between 43 and 59 inches.

    2. The energy pad produces a consistent and very soothing electromagnetic energy that penetrates effectively to targeted muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and more.

    The T-Shellz Wrap produces a beneficial energy that can target deep within your body. Receive an almost instant feeling of comfort and warmth while your injured tissues suddenly feel more relaxed and limber. The energy transfer will greatly increase the amount of blood flow reaching your injured tissues - which should result in a better capacity for rebuilding those tissues.

    3. The T-Shellz has an intensity controller that is already secured to the energy pad.

    4. T-Shellz Wraps are tested during the production process to ensure you receive a product that functions well and will last a long time.