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    Knee-O-Trakker w/Stays

    Features textured C-shaped buttress for maximum patella control and versatile strapping system that provides dynamic treatment with adjustable tension control with spiral stays to prevent roll over.
    • Indicated for patella subluxation, patello-femoral syndrome and as part of a rehabilitation program for patella tendon injuries
    • Manufactured from premium grade latex-free neoprene and compression molded textured neoprene buttress
    Sizing Guide        
    6" Above
    16”- 18”17”- 19”18”- 20”19”- 21”20”- 22”21”- 23”24”- 26”27”- 29”
    Mid-Patella12”- 13”13”- 14”14”- 15”15”- 16”16”- 18”18”- 20”20”- 22”22"-24"
    6" Below
    11”- 12”12”- 13”13”- 14”14”- 15”15”- 16”16”- 17”17”- 18”18"-19"


    Care & Cleaning:

    Remove any metal stays if possible, close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Product should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.


    Corflex Inc - Application InstuctionsApplication Instuctions

    1.Grasp top of support (largest end) and loosen straps.
    2.After determining side of kneecap (patella) that requires support, position buttress on affected side and slide sleeve over knee. (Note: buttress may be removed and placed on opposite side.)
    3.Make sure seam is placed posteriorly in back of leg and hinges or spiral stays are placed medial/lateral on leg.
    4.Your kneecap (patella)should be centered in the circular opening with buttress placed on rim of the kneecap (patella).
    5.Grasp both small straps above and below kneecap by hook tip and pull back onto loop portion of strap.
    6.Adjust small straps to desired tension or comfort level.
    7.Starting with large strap nearest foot, secure strap thru buckle and tighten to desired comfort level. Secure remaining strap in same manner.
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