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    Jetstream Hot/Cold Therapy Unit- Knee/Shoulder

    Product #: 23698705DE
    • Patented Automatic Temperature Control (ATC™) measures and regulates temperature to provide therapeutic hot or cold therapy without manual adjustment
    • Intuitive LED light lets user know when the unit is in therapeutic zone and advises when to add ice or hot water
    • Portable system suitable for any medical setting or treatment at home
    • Lightweight, low profile design and Quick Start Guide are patient friendly
    • Unit provides hot and cold therapy
    • Therapy blankets optimize temperature distribution, insulation and comfort
    • Blanket wraps increase insulation and ensure precise placement of blankets


    • Cold Therapy: Reduce pain or soft tissue swelling after trauma or surgery;
    • Hot Therapy: Loosen or relax tight or sore muscles and/or joint stiffness prior to rehabilitation or exercise



    DO NOT use hot therapy on patients with any of the following contraindications:
    • History of heat injury or adverse reactions to hot therapy
    • Incoherent due to sedation, anesthesia, coma or sleep
    • Decreased skin sensitivity or localized circulation or wound healing problems
    • Arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis
    • Abdomen of women who are pregnant
    • Localized malignancy in treatment area
    • Hypersensitivity to heat
    • Local tissue infection, swelling or inflammation

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