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    Intelect RPW 2

    The Intelect® RPW 2 brings the next generation of shockwave therapy to the treatment room using Radial Pressure Wave technology. Designed to activate connective tissue from the surface level to difficult-to-reach pathologies, the new Intelect® RPW 2 is a modality for addressing pain and inflammation in orthopaedic conditions.
    Product #: 22176KITDJO


    • Reduce muscle pain and aches
    • Temporarily increase blood flow
    • Activate connective tissue.

    Ease of Use

    Incorporating high resolution touch screen technology, the Intelect® RPW 2 was created with ease of use for the clinician in mind. The clinical protocols library provides a visual anatomical and pathological library as well as treatment guidelines to aid the clinician in providing effective treatments for a large range of pathologies. The Chattanooga Intelect® Connect App provides a seamless transition of patient data from the device to the PC, allowing the clinician to produce reports and to share patient data across other Chattanooga devices. Built with ease of use in mind, the Intelect® RPW 2 includes the new ergonomic Falcon® Handpiece and convenient storage placement of device accessories.
    Treat a Wide Range of Pathologies

    Now available with a broader range of pressure settings and 21 unique transmitter attachments, the Intelect® RPW 2 can be customized to treat a wide range of pathologies. With guidelines on recommended transmitters for specific conditions, clinicians can address tendinopathies and myofascial trigger points as well as pain and inflammation. The versatility offered by Intelect® RPW 2 makes it the true difference maker as your next revenue generating clinical asset.
    Patient Comfort

    Featuring the new Falcon® Handpiece and treatment transmitters, the Intelect® RPW 2 is equipped with a broader range of bar pressures to help assist in patient comfort during treatment. Chattanooga’s proprietary ‘Comfort Mode’ provides an automatic energy ramp up, that helps create a more comfortable treatment experience for the patient.

    Technical Specifications

    2176KIT120V AC 50-60Hz 350VA
    DIMENSIONS WXHXD16.15in x 16.54in x 43.31in
    WEIGHT66.14 Lbs.
    COMPRESSED AIR OUTPUT0.3 - 5.0 bar
    PULSE AMPLITUDEApprox 2mm at 3 bar, idling (without coupling)
    PULSE WIDTHApprox 6-12ms
    PULSE FREQUENCYFALCON® handpiece 1-21Hz for RPW, V-ACTOR® handpiece 1-50Hz for vibration
    MODESingle pulse or continuous
    USER INTERFACE7 inch, 800x480 pixels color graphic capacitive touch screen
    CONFORMITYThis device complies with the applicable standards EN/IEC 60601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.601.1, UL Std. No 60601-1.
    CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO MDDclass IIa device 93/42 60601-1