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    Hyper Vest Elite Weighted Vest, 10lbs.

    The Hyper Vest ELITE weight vest is the sleek & durable 2.0 to our time-tested Hyper Vest PRO, an improvement on the best weight vest on the market. Take your training up a notch with comfortable, flexible and durable added weight: for performance training, running, walking, OCR, functional fitness, weight lifting or rehabilitation.
    • Unisex patented design for exceptional comfort
    • Breathable, odor resistant, wicking CORDURA® fabric
    • Open side panels provide superior ventilation
    • Thin profile allows for full range of motion
    • Reflective flexible side lacing for highly-adjustable fit
    • 20 | 25 lbs Max weight capacity

    L and XL-

    Weight Range -170-210lbs. |  210 lbs.+

    Height Range- 5'9"- 6'4" | 6'4"+

    Vest Length- 22 inches | 24 inches

    All models of the Hyper Vest are equipped with side lacing on each side. In order to create a looser or more snug fit all you have to do is pull the cord on the side of the vest until you reach the desired fit.  We recommend tightening or loosening from under the arm all the way down the side.  Once the toggle is cinched tie an overhand knot under the toggle to keep in place.  Simply tie any excess lacing behind your back or weave back through lacing to keep out of the way.  


    • **No need to remove weights before HAND washing**
    • Hand and machine washable with on-abrasive detergent
    • One year limited warranty
    • Lay flat to dry
    • DO NOT DROP Vest on hard or abrasive surfaces
    • AVOID ground or mat exercises or other moves where excessive friction may occur
    • DO NOT STRIKE Vest on hard or abrasive surfaces
    • After each use lay vest flat in cool, dry place to air out
    • Spray with Fabreze or Odoban to mitigate odor

    Some wear and tear may occur over time but follow our care & use to ensure the longevity of your vest.

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