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    Heavy Duty Suction Machine

    This powerful and durable suction pump combines the performance expected for an institution with the ease of operation needed for homecare use.
    Product #: 218600DM

    This powerful and durable suction pump combines the performance expected for an institution with the ease of operation needed for homecare use.


    • Includes 800 cc suction canister, 6’ suction tube, 10” suction canister tubing, hydrophobic filter, plastic elbow connector and manual.
    • Vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg

    Heavy Duty Suction Machine has powerful and durable suction pump that combines the performance expected of an institution with the ease of operation needed for homecare use. It includes 800 cc suction canister, 6 feet suction tube, 10" suction canister tubing, a hydrophobic filter, plastic elbow connector and manual. The vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg.

    Why choose Drive Suction Machine?

    • Produces a maximum vacuum of 560 mmHg
    • Anti-bacteria filter design
    • Convenient and reliable
    • Anti-bacteria filter design helps prevent contamination, a high-quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration vacuum gauge setting, oil-less, permanent lubrication, and a collection bottle with overflow protection
    • Easy to carry and easy cleaning
    • Base with cord wrap
    • Controlled vacuum from 23inHG
    • Easy grip handle
    • Oil-less, permanent lubrication

    How to clean Drive Suction Machine?

    How to clean Suction Machine Collection Bottle?

    • Turn off the suction unit and allow vacuum to drop, then disconnect AC power source
    • With the collection bottle still in the holder, remove the collection bottle lid. The bottle can now be taken out of the holder to be emptied
    • Collection bottle should be emptied after each use
    • Collection bottle should be thoroughly cleaned after each use by one of the following three methods:
    • Wash in a hot water/dishwashing detergent solution and rinse with clean, hot tap water. Then wash in one part vinegar to three parts hot water solution. Rinse with hot tap water and air dry
    • Wash with rubbing alcohol and air
    • Wash with a commercial (bacterial-germicidal) disinfectant, follow disinfectant manufacturer recommended instructions and dilution rates carefully

    How to clean Portable Suction Machine Tubing?

    • Disconnect the tubing from the unit
    • Tubing should be rinsed thoroughly after every use by running hot tap water through it followed by a solution of one part vinegar to three parts hot water
    • Rinse with hot tap water and air dry
    • Keep the outer surface of the tubing clean by wiping with a clean, damp cloth
    Bacteria Filter Change:
    • Bacteria filter should be replaced as needed. If overflow occurs, change the filter immediately
    • Remove filter by disconnecting it from tubing connected to pressure adjusting valve and tubingconnected to collection bottle lid assembly
    • Replace with a new Drive bacteria filter and connect to above two tubing. Additional filterscan be purchased from an authorized dealer

    • Close supervision is necessary when this product is used by, on, or near children or invalids
    Never operate this product if:
    • It has a damaged power cord or plug
    • It is not working properly
    • Dropped or damaged
    • Dropped into water
      • Return the product to an authorized Drive medical equipment service center for examination and repair
      • Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces
      • Never use while drowsy or asleep

    Note: The motor of this compressor has a thermal overload protector. If the motor overheats, the overload protector will shut off the motor. If this occurs, turn the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position and allow the motor to cool (approximately 5 minutes). Restart compressor. If the compressor fails to start, wait an additional 5 minutes before attempting to restart. If this fails, inspect the fuses on your suction unit. If the unit still does not restart, call your medical equipment provider immediately

    Drive Suction Machine Specifications

    Weight5.5 (12.1 lb)
    Maximum Vacuum560 +/- 3% mmHg (56 cmHg +/- 3%)
    Flow Range> 40 LPM
    Sound Level< 58 dBA
    Electrical RequirementsAC 115 V 60Hz
    Power Consumption70 watts
    Bacteria Filter pore size0.45 microns
    Collection Bottle Capacity800cc (ml)
    Operating Temperature32° ~ 104° F (0° ~ 40°C)
    Operating Humidity95% RH
    Operating Atmospheric Pressure10.2 ~15.4 psi ( 70 ~106 kpa )
    Storage Temperature14° ~ 158° F ( -10° ~ 70°C )
    Storage Humidity0 ~ 95%
    Storage Atmospheric Pressure7.3 ~15.4 psi ( 50 ~106 kpa )
    Fuse SpecificationMiniature Glass Fuse 5x20mm, Fast Blow (Quick Acting), F2A/250 V
    Equipment ClassificationsWith respect to protection from electric shock Class I
    Products specifications
    HCPCSE0600 A7000 A7002-1, E0600
    This item is not returnable.
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