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    GA1000 Lite Plus with NXP System and Remote Monitoring with Gateway for Adults

    FDA Cleared Continuous, Wireless, Wearable Pulse Oximeter with Alarm System to keep watch on your loved one anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.
    Product #: 2346657ALU


    • Easy set-up and use
    • Measures key vitals (blood oxygen saturation & pulse rate) once per second
    • Displays vitals on both your smart phone and gateway 
    • Early detection visual and audible alarms
    • Customizable vitals limits for effective alarms
    • There is no limit on the number of caregivers who can use this system to monitor your loved one
    • Aulisa Gateway app available for download in iOS and Android app stores
    • Convert Bluetooth signal to WiFi for long distance remote care

    The Adult Gateway kit includes:

    • 1 sensor module for adult
    • 1 Gateway Kit
    • FREE use of Aulisa Gateway app for iOS and Android

    Is the Guardian Angel Gateway Right for you?

    • I want to monitor key vitals of my loved one during sleep & rest.
    • Monitoring through smartphone AND a real time vitals display is important to me.
    • I want multiple caregivers to be able to track my loved one's vitals.
    • Video and audio are not important to me.
    • The monitor and the wearer will not stay within approximately 32' feet.