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    Free-Up Soft Tissue Massage Cream

    Free-Up® Soft Tissue Massage Cream The professional's top choice for soft tissue massage cream is noted for it's glide, lubrication and tissue perception qualities. Free-Up massage cream was developed by a top physical therapist to meet the demands of a professional massage medium - including great glide, superior tissue perception and a slow absorption rate. Free-Up is cost effective because of it's slow absorption rate. Free-Up is also hypo-allergenic, bacteriostatic and does not contain beeswax. Free-Up massage cream will not ball up or dry out on the skin. Cream is non-greasy and leaves your hands feeling as though you’ve used a quality hand cream.


    • Soft tissue massage cream that is formulated specifically for healthcare professionals
    • Free Up is noted for its lubrication, glide, and tissue perception qualities
    • Cream does not inhibit deep-tissue perception and discrimination like oily or slick creams can
    • Excellent soft-tissue perception for surface or deep-tissue massage.
    • Provides great glide, promoting good tissue sense to fingers and hands.
    • Unscented formula is bacteriostatic and hypo-allergenic.
    • Will not ball up or dry out on skin.
    • Slow absorption rate.
    • Does not contain beeswax or seed/nut oils.
    • Individual use foil packets in Dispenser Box contain 7 grams and are ideal for travel and patient use.
    • Each Dispenser Box contains 50 foil packets
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