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    Free2Go Rollator with Built in Commode Seat

    Eliminates embarrassment and restores dignity! This all-in-one rollator features a hide-away commode for use as an over-toilet safety frame with any freestanding toilet.
    Product #: 2324765RM
    • Hide-away commode seat brings the benefits of safety frames and raised toilet seats to any freestanding toilet
    • Lightweight frame with swiveling front casters is easy to maneuver, even around tight corners
    • Squeeze hand brakes for direct control over speed as well as easily activated wheel locks for stationary use
    • Thickly padded seat cushion for comfort when seated with built-in pouch to hold sanitary wipes
    • Compatible with most standard bathroom stalls for universal access to toileting
    Approximately 80% of falls occur in the bathroom. Transitioning from a standing position to sitting and back again, all within the small confines of most restrooms, presents dangerous difficulties for anyone with mobility limitations due to injury, disability, or age. A variety of aids are available to assist users with toileting in-home, such as over-toilet commodes, toilet safety frames, etc; unfortunately, most of these aids must be installed and therefore are only suitable for use with one toilet. Aids such as raised toilet seats are more portable, but still must be strapped in place before they can be used safely, and they are bulky and unsightly to carry around.

    Enter the Free2Go Rollator. This innovative device combines a raised toilet seat with an over-toilet safety frame disguised as an everyday rolling walker, meaning you can bring it with you wherever you go. The design is straightforward: simply walk your rollator forward until it is positioned over a free-standing toilet. Activate the brakes and then flip up the padded seat cushion to reveal the commode seat. The underside of the padded seat cushion is outfitted with a wipe pouch that can hold wet wipes, flushable wipes, or other sanitizing materials; it's recommended to wipe down both the top and bottom of the commode seat before and after use for optimal sanitation.

    When you've finished and wiped down the seat, flip down the seat cushion and go on your way! Since it looks like a normal rollator, you can comfortably take bathroom safety to any toilet, be it at the mall, the park, or the movies. It's compact size is designed to fit through most standard doors, and since it doesn't have to be rotated for commode use, you can take it with you into standard bathroom stalls rather than being limited to handicap stalls.

    Beyond commode use, this lightweight rollator is also a functional and comfortable rolling walker. Four large wheels roll evenly over most terrains, both indoor and outdoor; the front wheels swivel freely for more flexible maneuverability that can easily clear tight corners. Conveniently located squeeze hand brakes make it easy to slow and stop your rollator; simply push the breaks down to lock wheels in place for stationary use. The thickly padded seat cushion is comfortable to sit on and provides a readily accessible resting place no matter where you go.
    Seat Measurements15" W x 15.5" D
    Seat-to-Floor Height23.5" (Top of seat)
    Toilet Seat Opening8.25"x 9.5"
    Seat-to-Floor Height22.25" (Top of toilet seat)
    Adjustable Handle Height33.5" - 38"
    Unit Width24"
    Unit Length34"
    Unit Height12"
    Product Weight20.2 lb.
    Weight Capacity300 lb.
    Front Wheel Size8"
    Rear Wheel Size8"
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