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    March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month!

    March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month!

    Visualize some of the tasks you perform on a daily basis; brushing your teeth, pouring a glass of water, typing on your phone, cutting vegetables, etc. Think of the ease and minimum effort it takes to perform these basic tasks, probably to the point where it becomes second nature and you do not even need to think about it. Now imagine trying to complete these daily tasks while your hand involuntarily shakes. How would you perform these tasks? Could you perform these tasks shaking so violently? How do you think your inability to do something as simple as taking a sip of water would affect your mental health? These are real life difficulties and questions people living with an Essential Tremor must deal with every day.

    March is National Essential Tremor Awareness month, and Pisces Healthcare Solutions is dedicating time to talk about this serious neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable, involuntary rhythmic shaking of the body. Most often, an Essential Tremor affects the head, voice, arms, and legs. A tremor can threaten your ability to maintain independence which goes in hand with every other aspect of one’s daily life. The cause to an Essential Tremor is still unknown and there is still no cure to stop the tremor all together, in fact essential tremors can become progressively worse over time. However, great research is being curated for preventative and treatable measures of the disease.

    Currently there are not remedies available on the market that completely stop a tremor altogether. However, there are available treatments that attempt to minimize the involuntary shaking as much as possible. One of the best non-invasive treatments are assistive devices that help contain the involuntary shakes caused by the tremor. Pisces Healthcare Solutions offers several products all with the goal of reducing tremor shakes. The Steadi-Two is non-pharmacological glove tool used to treat tremors which works by stabilizing a hand. This stabilizing technology has some proven physics behind it. The technology behind the Stead-Two is the same seismic technology that is used in buildings to prevent them from collapsing and help maintain stability during earthquakes. The glove technology works by vibrating opposite to the motion of the tremor, just like one would find in a seesaw.

    The hand glove is a washable, battery-free device compared to others on the market that may need to be charged multiple times throughout the day. The Steadi-Two uses two magnetic disks that provide an opposing force equal to the tremor. This stabilizes the hand and allows patients to go about their daily activities. The glove device can also be used for both hands and provides tremor relief without any side effects that can be experienced when taking medication or injections. In benchtop testing, 80% reduction in the amplitude of tremors was demonstrated.

    The Steadi-Two is available for Veterans that may be suffering with tremors from Parkinson’s or Essential Tremors. Speak to you VA Primary care team, VA Neurologist, or VA occupational therapist about setting up a live demonstration where you can try on the Steadi-Two to see how it can aid in your mobility, independence, and change your life

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