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    Enema Bulb- 10 Ounce

    Product #: 2369877A
    • EASY TO USE - The Touché Enema Bulb is super easy to use, simply remove the applicator from inside the bulb. Fill the enema bulb with solution, screw the applicator to the top, best to use a water based lubricant on the applicator before use. NOTE: THE NOZZLE COMES IN THE BULB TO KEEP THE PACKAGE SMALL, SIMPLY PULL THE NOZZLE OUT FROM THE INSIDE OF THE BULB AND THEN SCREW ONTO THE BULB.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - The Touché Enema Bulb is super easy to clean, remove the applicator from the bulb, wash both parts thoroughly in solution of water and disinfectant before each use. Rinse and dry thoroughly, ensure all parts are dry before storage.
    • CONVENIENT SIZE - The Touché Enema Bulb was designed to be able to be used by most. The applicator measures at 4.7" giving you at least 4.5" of insertion. The bulb holds 10 ounces of water or solution. Gently insert vaginally or analy (best to lubricate applicator) and squeeze bulb. When using, best try and retain the water or solution as long as possible. Repeat as needed.
    • PREMIUM MATERIAL - The Touché Enema Bulb was designed for comfort and quality. The applicator connects to the bulb utilizing a leak proof design so as to keep everything clean.
    • MEN OR WOMEN - The Touché Enema Bulb will work well for anal or vaginal both men or women. Simply fill a bowl or container with the solution or water, take off the applicator and put the bulb submerged in the bowl and squeeze to fill.
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