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    Empty Perineal Irrigation Bottle- each

    The Empty Perineal Irrigation Bottle allows you to control the stream of liquid coming from the bottle when in use. The steady stream of liquid helps to clean any open sutures, wounds or stomas, reducing the risk of infection and lowering irritation. Soft enough to squeeze when you need a stronger stream, it holds 8 oz (240cc) of liquid and fits easily in your hand. The lid screws on and off so you can refill it as needed. This clear irrigation bottle is graduated so you can accurately measure the amount of fluid needed and/or used. These handy bottles are also disposable for your convenience as well as, latex free and non-sterile.
    Product #: 265863256VM
    • Bottles available individually or in bulk cases
    • Disposable, clear, and latex-free
    • Allows easy control of streaming liquid
    • Helps clean open sutures, wounds, or stomas
    • Non-sterile

    Product Features and Benefits

    • 8 oz Bottle
    • Screw Top
    • Graduated
    • Non-Sterile
    • Latex Free
    • Regulate Water Flow
    • Fits Hand
    • Clear
    • Disposable
    • Reduces Irritation or Infection

    Product Specifications

    • Latex Free: Yes
    • Volume: 8 oz (240 cc)