DFree Portable Bladder Scanner

FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 DFree is a first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the toilet. It is for seniors and people with disability who suffer from loss of bladder control.
Product #: 215DF


This wearable device will continuously monitor your bladder and notify when your bladder is almost full so you know when to go resulting in less “accidents.”


How Dfree works

Your bladder will expand as you accumulate urine and contract when you urinate. DFree uses ultrasound to measure the size of your bladder and indicates how full it is on a scale of 1-10.

1.  Place and secure the sensor about 0.5” above the pubis bone using a medical tape



2.   The wearable device syncs with the app on your phone/tablet to send you notifications when your urinary volume reaches a threshold




 Size: Main Unit (Transmitter) : 3.27” (W) x 3.15” (D) x 1.30” (H) Sensor : 2.13” (W) x 1.38” (D) x 0.48” (H)

 Weight: Main Unit (Transmitter) : 2.56 oz.   Sensor : 0.64 oz.

 Battery Life: Approximately 24 hours of use (Fully charged in 4 hours)

 How to attach sensor: Apply gel to the sensor and secure it to the body using a medical tape



Ultrasound sensor on DFree may not be able to accurately track and collect data from the bladder with certain types of users.  These users may have the following conditions:

  • Excessive fat in the lower abdomen area
  • Loose or flabby skin in the lower abdomen area
  • Scar from previous surgery or injury
  • Problems accumulating urine in the bladder 
  • Prone to rashes from use of medical tape and ultrasound gel
  • Pregnant
  • Underage (6 or younger - bladder may be too small to accurately collect data)


DFree app supports iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices (phones and tablets).

 DFree app currently supports the following devices:

  • [iPhone] iPhone 5S or later
  • [iPod] iPod Touch 6th gen or later
  • [iPad] iPad 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini2, iPad Pro or later
  • [Android] phones, tablets

*The DFree app may be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. The app supports iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) running iOS version 11 or later and Android devices (phones, tablets) running Android 4.4 or later.  If you have an older version of OS, please be sure to update to the latest version before using the DFree app.






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