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    CPAP Ruby Chin Strap-Medium

    Product Highlights Ideal for those who tend to be mouth-breathers Comfortable and easy to use Ensures oxygen flow while sleeping Not made with natural rubber latex
    Product #: 236541VM

    CPAP Ruby Chin Strap provides a comfortable strap for individuals using a CPAP machine at night and a strap to prevent the mouth from opening while sleeping. Individuals who tend to be mouth breathers may need the strap to ensure they get continual oxygen at night. The Ruby Chin Strap stretches from the top of the head creating a triangle by stretching to the chin in the front and down behind the head to the neck. The design leaves an open area for the ear to comfortably rest.

    The Ruby Chin Strap comes in three sizes. To choose the snuggest fit measure the circumference around the chin and below the ears to the back of the neck. It may be best to have an assistant to help with these measurements.

    • Medium (21-23 Inches)
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