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    Wall Mounted Folding Parallel Bars

    The Clinton Industries Wall Mounted Folding Parallel Bars is a medical device made for small rehab or exercise facilities as it only requires 14" of floor space when it is stored. With a folded height of 92", the Parallel Bars can be folded hassle-free when not in use. It is features 1 1/2" one-piece stainless steel handrails and easy height adjustable heavy duty stainless steel uprights with spring-loaded plungers and numbered height stripe on front legs. The Parallel Bars have a load capacity of 400 lbs. under normal physical therapy use.
    Product #: 233307CI
    • Optimal Choice for Small Facilities
    • Requires 14" of Floor Space when stored
    • Constructed with 1 1/2" steel handrails
    • Hassle-free height adjustable heavy duty uprights
    • Spring-loaded plungers and numbered front legs
    • Load Capacity of 400 lbs, length of 7 ft, width of 28" and height of 28"- 42"
    • The Clinton Industries Wall Mounted Folding Parallel Bars come with a length of 7 ft, a width of 28" and an adjustable height from 28" to 42".