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    Carbon Ultralight Foldable Rollator Walker -Black

    Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker is ultra lightweight and extremely portable. It folds flat when not in use, allowing it to be easily transported by car, bus, or plane. While designed for use on outdoor adventures, this Carbon Fiber Rollator can also safely be used indoors. 18.5" Seat Width
    • ✓ Comes fully assembled and ready to use
    • ✓ Lightweight and efficient
    • ✓ Folds flat for effortless travel
    • ✓ Sleek and modern design
    • ✓ Shock-absorbent tires and frame
    • ✓ Ergonomic handles for easy maneuvering

    Features and Benefits

    • Comes Fully Assembled
    • Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame
    • Shock-Absorbent Frame and Wheels
    • Forward-Pointing Handles for Better Posture
    • Handles Formed To Feel Like Holding Someone's Hand
    • Folds Easily for Transport
    • Use as a Chair With the Built-In Seat
    • Built-In Kerb Lifter
    • Accessory Bag Included

    Choosing the Perfect Size

    The Carbon Fiber Rollator is available in three sizes: Compact, Regular, and Wide. While the handle height remains the same, the seat width and height are slightly different. The Compact Track has a lower seat for smaller users. The Regular Track is the standard size for most adults and will easily fit through doorways. The Wide Track has a wider seat and frame for maximum comfort while seated.

    • Track: Regular
    • Width: 24.6 Inches
    • Height: 15.3 Inches
    • Weight: 10.6 Pounds
    • Seat Width: 16.5 Inches
    • Seat Height: 24 Inches
    • Track: Wide
    • Width: 24.2 Inches
    • Height: 17.3 Inches
    • Weight: 10.8 Pounds
    • Seat Width: 18.5 Inches
    • Seat Height: 24 Inches

    Practical Elegance

    Unlike traditional rollators or walkers, the Carbon Ultralight Rollator has a sleek and elegant design, making it look less like a walker and more like a trendy accessory. Ergonomic handles point forward to promote better posture during use, avoiding the need to stoop and making it easier to move. Both handles are formed in such a way that it feels comfortable and natural, like holding someone's hand. The brake wires are threaded through the frame so as not to detract from the overall simplistic look. Engaging the brakes is as simple as squeezing the loops below the handles. A built-in seat holds individuals up to 285 pounds.

    Walk With Confidence

    The Carbon Ultralight Foldable Rollator is currently the lightest walker in the world. It features a carbon fiber frame that is five times stronger than steel but ultra lightweight. At only 10.6 pounds, the rollator can be taken anywhere without issue. The frame and wheels are shock-absorbent, providing smooth movement over nearly any surface indoors or outdoors.

    • Weight: 10.6 Pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 285 Pounds
    • Width (Folded): 9.8 Inches
    • Handle Height: 31.1 to 35.8 Inches