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    Bodypoint Ergonomic U-Shaped Joystick Handle With Flex-Shaft

    Bodypoint's ergonomic U-shaped joystick handle with flex-shaft has a curved shape and waterfall edge for a form-fitting fit.
    Product #: 2PC102AMES


    Bodypoint ergonomic U-shaped joystick handle with flex-shaft features curved shape design with waterfall edge which makes it form-fitting. It provides maximum wheelchair driving control for users with limited hand function, comfortably cradling hands while keeping them from sliding off.


    • Offers maximum driving control while remaining comfortable
    • Attachment to the joystick box can be temporary by pressing it on or the handle can be made permanent
    • Vertical wings prevent hands from slipping and can be re-shaped using hot water to better conform to the user's hand
    • 4" W 2" H