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    Bodymed Knee CPM Pad Kit for Danniger, Kinetec and Breg

    CPM pads fastened to a continuous passive motion machine provide the utmost comfort and function during knee therapy sessions. These BodyMed Knee CPM Kits, by Body Sport, are premium CPM pads made to fit the Danniger, Kinetec, and Breg Continuous Passive Motion Machines. These CPM pads are made with durable fleece that has a look similar to lambswool. It comes with hook and loop fastening straps to secure the leg as it rests either of the three models' carriage. The kit increases patient care by, not only making the therapy session a more enjoyable, comfortable experience, but to allow the leg to be better positioned as it rests inside the padding. With the leg kept warm, snug in an optimal placement, and with fabric that is easy to clean, the BodyMed Knee CPM Pad Kit is a great choice to complement your Danniger, Kinetec, or Breg CPM machine.
    Product #: 23654787VM

    BodyMed Knee CPM Kit Features and Benefits

    • Made of durable fleece and thick straps to secure the leg in the machine.
    • The fabric is very soft to the touch and keeps the leg warm.
    • This kit better secures the leg during the therapy session.
    • It fits easily on the Danniger, Kinetec, and Breg CPM machine.
    • With the comfort and security the kits provide, there will more satisfied customers.
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