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    Body Tool™ Trigger Point Self Massager

    Premium quality self-massager for hard to reach muscles.
    Product #: 2364777NC
    • Body Tool™ is a self-massager designed to target trigger points and muscle knots in the body assisting with the temporary release of muscular tension.
    • Features seven knobs; strategically placed to control pressure to the desired areas for trigger point release and breaking up myofascial tissue.
    • Unique non-slip grip handles allow better control and effectiveness for targeting trigger points.
    • Ergonomically designed to allow you to effectively control and massage common trigger points in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, torso, and feet.
    • Extremely durable and is guaranteed for life against unintentional breakage.
    • Measures 25” (63cm) long and each handle measures 6” (15cm) long.
    • Includes an easy to follow instruction guide and poster for better results and functional exercises.