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    Beasy Premium Seat Cushion (with velcro kit)

    This is a great accessory for patient comfort in transferring with Beasy “Premium” Transfer Boards. The ½” padded cushion sits on the pivoting seat of the transfer board for a comfortable transfer. It has a gripper type back material that holds it in place during transfers. It’s easy to clean and is a compact shape for easy storage and transport. You can purchase the seat cushion with the optional Velcro kit to provide extra security in holding the cushion firmly on the seat. This product works great for patients with pressure sores or tender bones.
    Product #: 24350BT

    Includes Velcro Kit: additional measure against cushion slipping.
    Material: 1,000D Cordura Fabric with Grip Tight backing.
    Size: 12″ in diameter / 1/2″ depth
    Easy Cleaning: with damp soapy cloth
    Flexible: Slim and flexible for easy storage.

    All Beasy Wheelchair Cushions feature:

    • 3” Foam Insert
    • Machine Washable Covers
    • Made and assembled in the U.S.A
    • Classic Black or Vibrant Patterns
    • Water resistant fabric
    • 1 mil PUL, water resistant fabric cover
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