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    Back up Battery for Oxygen & Respiratory


    Zopec Explore 8200 and Oxygen Ventilator Emergency Backup

    • Add Run Time to Internal Battery: 8200 (9 hrs), Oxygen (18 hrs)

    • Solar Charging Time: 8200 (6 hrs), Oxygen (10 hrs) – Sold Separately

    • For Ventilator Dependent Patients with Power Outages of Days or Longer

    • Light Weight for Power Wheelchair: 8200 (3 lbs), Oxygen (7 lbs)

    • Replace 50 lbs marine battery with alligator clamps and inverters

    • Battery Service Life: 5-8 years

      • Content: Zopec Battery, Universal Wall Charger, fast 45W Car Charger, travel pouch, user manual, and nice white storage box.
      • HAVE 3 OPTIONS FOR SOLAR CHARGERS (40W, 60W, 100W) for different weather conditions. (separate purchase)
      • Common Uses: Camping/Hiking with CPAP 3 – 4 nights. RV over night with humidifier (mid-level)
      • Silver Level UPS Technology: Uninterrupted sleep when power outages occur!
        • UPS supports CPAP and BiPap. Must turn off Humidifier and Heated Tube.
        • Battery stays at 100% as standby power. AutoSwitch to battery power instantly with sensors.
        • Normally uses wall power with pass-through. Doesn’t hurt battery life plugged in 24/7.
      • Ultra-High Battery Capacity: 288 Wh / 80 Ah. (about 1 car battery but only 3.5 lb.!)
        • Sleep 8 - 12 hours with humidifier (up to mid-level) but no heated tube
        • Sleep 21 - 32 hours without humidifier and heated tube (up to 4 nights of sleep!)
        • NOTE: It will not get 8+ hours using heated tube. Use Explore Oxygen for heated tube.
      • Solid State Peltier Cooling: Battery is 100% Silent! No cooling fans.
      • Panasonic Lithium Ion Cells: Same brand as Tesla vehicles use! Smallest, lightest, best quality!
      • Super Light and Compact: 3.5 lb. 7.75” x 5.5” x 1.75” in. (1 car battery weighs 40 lb.!)
      • AC Outlet 110V (US): Works with all machine brands and models. Very Easy to Use!
        • Just plug in the battery! No need for special adapters, inverters, or voltage matching!
        • Powers Mac/PC laptops, internet modems, phones, tablets, lights, or any device < 120W
      • Content: Battery, wall charger, fast car charger, travel pouch, user manual, storage box.
      • Solar Panel Charger (optional): Allows travelling in remote areas. Fast 40W charging.
      • Recharge Time: Less than 8 hours.
      • Unlimited Linking Technology: No limit on linking up batteries to get more capacity!


    Continuous Oxygen Flow at 5 Liter/Min: 4XL = ~4 hrs, 8XL = ~8 hrs

    • Runs all makes and models. Wall Charger and Car Charger Included.

    • Charge with Zopec Solar Charger in 10 hours (sold separately)

    • Battery Service Life: 5-8 years. Weight: 4XL: 24 lbs, 8XL: 40 lbs.