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    Automatic Faucet Shut-Off

    For those who have trouble adjusting the water temperature, turning the handles, or who may forget and leave the water running, the Automatic Faucet Shut-Off is just what you need.
    Product #: 24437AS

    This device screws right onto the end of your faucet (replacing the existing aerator). A small wand then projects down. Any contact with the wand will turn the water on. Just move your hand away and the water will shut off. The automatic faucet control benefits those with difficulty grasping, twisting, turning, and gripping faucet controls. It can also be utilized to ensure that the water is not accidentally left on, avoiding overflowing sinks and associated water damage.


    • The automatic faucet control fits internally or externally threaded faucet
    • It will work in the bathroom or kitchen
    • Requires no batteries


    • Size: 1" x 1" (diameter), extra durable wand projects 2-1/2" below faucet

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