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    5V Battery Heated Jacket Insert

    ActionHeat 5V Battery Powered Universal Jacket Heater’s revolutionary design allows you to turn any jacket into a heated jacket within seconds! The Revolutionary Tri-zone heating system fits discreetly inside your jacket’s lining providing hours of high performance warmth to the front and back of your torso.


    • 3 adhesive-backed Velcro patches and the lightweight yet durable construction make this versatile heating system easily installed, removed, and transferred between garments, without any added bulk
    • Utilizes cutting-edge FAR infrared heating and ActionWave heat reflective technology, designed to warm your core body temperature
    • Fits discreetly inside your jacket
    • 3 panel heating system heats front and back of torso
    • Lightweight yet durable construction
    • Velcro backing makes heating system easy to install, remove and transfer between jackets
    • Touch-button temperature control provides easy access to the 3 heat settings
    • Power bank can power your jacket heater & charge your phone at the same time
    • Made of Soft Mesh


    • 4 LED power indicators display power bank batter life
    • Battery Voltage: 5 Volt
    • Power System: 2 Amp
    • COmes with 1 battery powered universal jacket heater, 1 adhesive-backed velcro installation kit, 1 5V Power Bank (6000mAh), 1 USB charging cord

    Estimated Heating Times

    • High (Red): 150F - 2+ Hours
    • Medium (White): 130F - 3+ Hours
    • Low (Blue): 110F - 4.5+ Hours


    • Measurements refer to jacket sizes
    Jacket Max LengthWomen's Jacket SizeMen's Jacket Size
    S/M28"XS, S, MS
    L/XL35.8"L, XL, 2XLM, L. XL
    2XL44.1"3XL +2XL, 3XL