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    1 Day At-A-Time Medical Organizer

    Stores/organizes a week's worth of medication Separate compartments for 4 doses per day Extra-large compartment holds 36 aspirin size tablets Each daily section is removable to take with you Braille markings for days of week and 4 daily doses See-through design lets you see each compartment without opening Each daily column fits snugly in its own slot and pushes out from below
    Product #: 2156765MX

    One Day at a Time Weekly Medication Organizer - Large - The One Day at a Time Weekly Medication Organizer is a useful portable pill holder unit with Braille markings that make it easy for the blind and those with low vision to use. This low vision pill organizer features seven individual 1-day pill reminders in a unique snap-in tray, allowing you to fill a week's medication at one time and offers the convenience of taking one day's medication with you. The daily low vision pill compartments allow you to divide medication for 4 doses to cover all times of the day. Each day is marked with the Braille Letter for that day at the top of the row (Braille S for Sunday, Braille M for Monday, etc.). Within each day, the lids of the containers for the 4 daily doses are marked with the Braille letters A, B, C and D to help the Blind keep track of doses. Also includes a prescription information label to assist you in taking the correct dosage at the right time.

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