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    Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/Boots

    Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/ Boots Package of 100 liners.
    Product #: 2514205TH

    Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/ Boots

    Package of 100 liners.

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    Therabath Paraffin Mitt Kit

    Prolong the heat from warm paraffin treatments for longer-lasting relief with a Mitt Kit. Use during paraffin hand treatments.

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    Norco Rainbow Exercuse Putty is a therapy device that can be used for everything from enhancing motor skills to increasing hand strength and is made to be a fun and engaging activity. The bright, bold colors can encourage children to participate and comply throughout their therapy sessions. Each color indicates a different resistance level, making it easy to visually differentiate between levels and provide a clear manner of tracking progress; these varied resistance levels also offer a graduated path for recovering, developing, or strengthening.


    Hospital grade paraffin warmer with lid, grill, and guide. The inside unit dimensions: 6.75" W x 5" H x 12.9" L. Operating temperature of 130° . Paraffin bath comes with 6 pounds of wintergreen wax.