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    The Steadi-Two Plus

    The Steadi-Two Plus is designed to work most effectively for people with tremors in the wrist and forearm. Our Essential Tremor Glove has been approved by the FDA, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the highest quality standards.


    • Provides INSTANT stability to your tremor.
    • NO batteries or charging are required.
    • Lightweight: The device weighs under 1lb.
    • Engineered with the same technology as earth-quake proof buildings
      • These buildings are constructed on top of flexible pads that isolate the foundation from the ground
      • When an earthquake hits, only the base moves while the structure remains steady
    • Real World Evidence Study is available as download

    How Earthquake-Proof Buildings Are Designed in 2024

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    DISCLAIMER: It's difficult to provide a clear answer as many medical devices, including pacemakers and deep brain stimulators, have specific guidelines regarding proximity to magnets. The actual impact of a magnet on such devices can vary based on the device's make, model, and specifications. That being said, upon measurement, we've determined that the magnetic field of our Steadi-Two device does not exceed 5 Gauss at any point when maintained at a distance of 2.2 inches or more from the device's periphery, in all three dimensions. This means that, three-dimensionally around the device, a boundary of 2.2 inches should be maintained to stay below the 5 Gauss magnetic field threshold. We suggest sending the above information to your technician before deciding to purchase the device.

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