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    AIREX Balance Pad Elite

    The Airex Elite Balance Pad is a foam stability exercise trainer that's terrific for balance, stretching, physical therapy, mobility, rehabilitation and core strength training. Lightweight, comfortable and non-slip thanks to the waffle texture on top and bottom, these mats are a must have for any workout. Perfect for use between trainer / coach and athlete as well as for individual use in Yoga or Pilates. Made from easy-to-clean, closed-cell foam with an "integrally molded skin" for extra toughness. These Boards are soft, supple, and cushiony. They gently absorb shock to prevent injuries and the textured surface areas prevent slipping and sliding.
    Product #: 2552103MG
    They're also great around the house in the garden, garage, kitchen, bathroom or basement - anywhere that cushioning is needed. Rinsing after use with fresh water is all that's needed. Users then just shake off the excess water and allow to air dry. The boards are Latex-free and are sized at 16" x 20" x 2.5". The mats are waterproof, meaning they float, making them ideal for water therapy and other water-based exercises. These mats are durable to the Nth degree as the transverse ribbing pattern is molded into the mat to resist rips and holes. These Boards are safe in unexpected ways. The ends will remain flat and not curl over time, preventing tripping. The mats are also environmentally friendly as their recyclable materials meet CPSIA, REACH, and CA65 standards. Yes, at a size of 16" x 20", these mats are perfect for your workout and training sessions. They're also the perfect size and add an extra layer of comfort when placed on your seat at work or when you let your feet rest on them under your desk. Please note, after cleaning, to preserve the integrity of the mats damp products should never be stored in lockers or stacked in confined spaces.

    Dimensions: 20" x 2.25" x 16"

    Weight: 5.0 lbs
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