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    SaeboStim Pro-Requires a Prescription

    Finally, an e-stim unit designed especially for stroke survivors. The SaeboStim Pro is a neuromuscular electrical stimulation device designed to strengthen muscles and treat weakness after stroke.
    Product #: 23156456SB
    • The SaeboStim Pro is an advanced neuromuscular electrical stimulation device. This device is designed to improve motor impairment, reduce pain, re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles and offset the effects of disuse after a neurological or orthopedic injury. It can be used to re-educate muscles to perform everyday tasks in both the upper and lower limb.
    • The device works by delivering electrical signals through electrodes to the targeted muscles to contract and relax.
    • The SaeboStim Pro is a portable, dual-channel stimulation device that incorporates a comprehensive range of programs that makes it ideal for any rehabilitation program.


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