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    PleurX Drainage System - 500 mL Kit-EACH

    Product #: 2507500BVM

    PleurX Drainage System is designed to allow individuals to safely and efficiently drain fluid buildup from pleural effusions or malignant ascites from home at their leisure, so buildups around the lung or abdomen no longer have to become uncomfortable, all via continuous in-line aerosol therapy. The Pleurx Drainage System is not only an excellent way to cut down on doctor's visits, saving costs in the long run, but also reducing pain and discomfort in the everyday life of the patient.

    This PleurX Drainage Kit features a drain catheter and active vacuum bottles for collecting fluid. The catheter gets inserted into either the chest for pleural effusions, or the abdomen for malignant ascites. When draining the fluid, simply connect the drainage catheter to the line on the collection bottle. With the PleurX System, draining usually takes about five to 15 minutes.

    Product Features and Benefits:

    • Active Vacuum Technology Lets Patients Drain Catheters Quickly and Comfortably Without the Need For Gravity
    • Proprietary Safety Valve Keeps Air or Fluid From Inadvertently Passing Through the Catheter
    • Polyester Cuff On Catheter Promotes Tissue Ingrowth, Helping Reduce Risk of Infection and Hold Catheter In Place
    • New Indication - Can Be Used In Place of a Chest Tube to Deliver Talc or Bleomycin For Chemical Pleurodesis Procedures
    • Stays In Place - End of Catheter Stays Outside of Body, Covered By a Thin Protective Dressing While Not In Use
    • Discreet and Virtually Undetectable Under Clothing
    • Recommended For Fluid Buildup Around the Lungs or Abdomen
    • Includes Drainage Catheter and Active Vacuum Bottles For Collecting Fluid
    • Fewer Hospital Visits For Repeated Paracentesis or Thoracentesis