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    ExoStrong Arm Sleeve-Black-Knit-Large

    ExoStrong Arm Sleeve-Black-Knit-Average-Large

    A ready-to-wear arm sleeve designed for maximum support, comfort, and durability from the wrist to the axilla.

    • Designed with a functional bend at the elbow for improved comfort and range of motion.
    • Flat-knit structure provides maximum containment while remaining flexible.
    • Durable material helps resist snags and runs.
    • Made with fibers that combine a soft, tactile feel with moisture wicking and temperature control.
    • Colors: Beige, Black
    • Proximal Options: Knit Top, Silicone Top
    • Compression: 20 - 30 mmHg
    DescriptionWrist Girth (cm)Elbow Girth (cm)Upper Arm Girth (cm
    LARGE20 - 2231 - 3535 - 40

    Average, Arm Length tup to 46 cm

    Tall, Arm Lenght up to 49 cm

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