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    Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle - without Key Lock

    You can simply interchange your current Bungee cradle/platform with this new cradle. It works with any size tablet up to 12 inches from iPad mini to iPad Pro. It will even work with your tablet’s case unless it’s an iPad Pro case (see below for more iPad Pro info). We made the clamping ends removable so we can provide them in different shapes for future tablets. You can also remove a clamping end it it’s covering one of your tablet buttons or charging port. No sweat, our Dual Clamp is powerful enough to work great with all four clamps, three clamps, or even two clamps. In most cases, you won’t have a need to remove a clamping end. Securing your tablet is super quick and easy with the slide of a lever. You’ll be able to attach and detach your table it seconds. Once attached, you’ll have confidence that your tablet is mightily secured. Our Dual Clamp will even hold many smart phones. See below.
    Product #: 2356478LV
    • Quickly and securely attach and detach your tablet with the slide of a lever.
    • Compatible with tablets from the size of iPad Mini up to iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pros.
    • Compatible with most cases except for iPad Pro - see below.
    • Even works with smart phones!
    • Clamps top to bottom and side to side of your tablet for supreme security.
    • One simple lever slides to lock or release your tablet.
    • Great Feature - The clamping ends are removable. If one of the clamping ends obstructs your tablets buttons or charging port, you can remove that clamping end. This Dual Clamp works great with all four clamps, and even with three or two clamps.