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    Wrist and Thumb Spica

    Comfortably immobilizes the wrist and thumb.

    Wrap Around CMC, Comfort Cool

    Comfort Cool® Thumb CMC Restriction are made of thin, 1/16" (1.6mm) perforated neoprene with a terry cloth liner that helps keep skin cool and comfortable.

    Universal Thumb-O-Prene

    Universal Thumb-O-Prene The enhanced universal wrap-around design provides a low-profile comfortable, custom fit that is both functional and simple. The unique design combines two stays, rigid and spiral plus a movable elastic strap to address various pathologies of the thumb including Tendonitis, Basal Joint Arthritis and instability of the CMC joint.

    Push MetaGrip

    CMC thumb brace available for the relief of CMC Osteoarthritis.

    Modabber Thumb Orthosis

    Comfortable, customizable thumb support.

    Comfort Cool Wrist & Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

    Provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function

    Neutral Thumb Resting Hand Splint

    The new Neutral Thumb Resting Hand by RCAI features the thumb in a neutral position between palmar and radial abduction for arthritis, neurological impairment, brain injury, stroke or cerebral palsy. Made of lightweight, durable Kydex® plastic, the Neutral Thumb Resting Hand can be heat molded at low temperature to meet individual patient needs. The Neutral Thumb Resting Hand maintains joint alignment, prevents contracture, reduces muscle spasticity, and increases range of motion. The washable, breathable wicking liner eliminates potential pressure points, while moisture is "wicked" away, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.


    The 3pp® ThumSling® thumb brace with contoured strap provides support and compression at the CMC joint to relieve pain from CMC Thumb Arthritis. Fully adjustable design eliminates constriction around the thumb. Quick and easy-to-fit orthosis is ideal for clinics.

    Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Abduction Orthosis

    Comfortable splint provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function

    Thumb CMC Precut Splint 3/32" (2.4mm) Preferred Large

    Provide pain relief and proper alignment to the thumb CMC joint.

    Thermoskin Wrist Thumb Sleeve

    Thin stretch memory foam contours to the wrist and thumb for comfort. Combines warmth with compression to increase circulation and provide pain relief. Textured outer layer for additional grip. Universal design fits right or left hand.

    Swede-O Thermal Vent Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica

    The Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica provides comfortable support and compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, skiers thumb, and other wrist and thumb related injuries.

    Universal Thumb Spica

    The Universal Thumb Spica has flexible and rigid stays to help provide support and comfort.

    Comfort Cool D-Ring Thumb & Wrist Orthosis, Short

    Thumb tip can be trimmed to allow full thumb movement.

    Thermoskin Thumb CMC Wrist Wrap

    Provides compression, support and warmth for the thumb and wrist. Wrist wrap design with adjustable strap helps stabilize the thumb.

    RM BendEase Hand – Universal

    Provides moderate, comfortable support of the hand and wrist, post injury or surgery

    Comfort Cool D-Ring Thumb & Wrist Orthosis, Long, Medium

    Thumb tip can be trimmed to allow full thumb movement

    Neuroflex Restorative ThumbEase

    Provides moderate, comfortable support of the hand and wrist, post injury or surgery

    Adaptable Resting Hand Orthosis- Large

    The Adaptable Resting Hand by rcai offers a functional resting hand position following stroke, trauma or injury, and can be used in the treatment of arthritis, burns, and early wrist and finger contractures. Made of a durable, foam covered aluminum; the Adaptable Resting Hand can be bent without heat or tools, offering progressive extension of the wrist, thumbs and finger positioning. The washable, breathable foam liner eliminates potential pressure points, while it wicks moisture away, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Measure Width of Palm.

    Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint

    The Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint features a moldable splint which provides support for the carpometacarpal joint. Thermal properties of this orthosis provides heat therapy for soft tissue thumb injuries associated with skiing, ball sports and RSI. Semi rigid support and therapy provided to the UCL joint.

    Custom-Molded Thumb Splint- Medium

    Soften the internal low-temperature thermoplastic stiffener and mold to the thumb Highly elastic support is Lycra®-bonded to thin neoprene

    Push Sports Thumb Brace

    Safely play sports and perform everyday activities with the Push Sports Thumb Brace protecting your skier’s thumb or other thumb MP joint ligament injuries.

    Actimove Manus Forte Plus Wrist & Thumb Brace- L/XL

    Actimove Manus Forte Plus Wrist & Thumb Brace - Highly comfortable, reliable brace for the immobilization of the wrist and thumb.

    deQ® Thumb Orthosis

    Open Stay- Reduces pressure over the first dorsal compartment preventing pain Trimmable straps and bendable stay- Customized fit to the patient Universal size- ambidextrous- Reduces inventory needs Low profile- Functional- Comfortable

    Comfort Cool Thumb Spica Orthosis

    Mid Length is used to treat thumb CMC and MP arthritis, ligament injuries, MP fusion, tendinitis and joint fractures. Long Length is used to treat de Quervain’s, tenosynovitis, arthritis, wrist and thumb tendinitis, joint fractures and CMC joint arthroplasty. Sold individually and Fits either the left or right hand.

    Fabrifoam Thumb Spica, Large Right

    The Fabriforam Thumb Spica provides adjustable, moderate compression and support while aiding in restricting movement of the thumb. The Spica is made from fabrifoam which is non-migratory, breathable, and wicks away perspiration. Small fits most women and small men, large fits most men and larger women.

    Plastalume Finger Splints , Blue Foam, Dozen, Protectors, Blue Foam

    Aluminum splint provides end protection to injured fingers.


    The Actimove® Rhizo Forte with its unique design and functionality provides reliable support for the injured area, along with high patient comfort. Actimove® Rhizo Forte is a thumb orthosis for the management of painful conditions and irritations of the thumb joints associated with chronic or acute indications.

    Thermoskin EXO Thumb Stabilizer, Universal, black

    Thermoskin EXO Thumb Stabilizer, Universal, black Two flexible supports for each side of the thumb. These support the CMC joint and reduce the effect of thumb overuse and hyperextension. Useful for UCL injuries or RSI. Universal design fits right or left. One Size Fits Most

    Fix Comfort Thumb Brace

    NEW! The Fix Comfort Thumb Brace is carefully crafted to provide a level of luxury and comfort that makes it the ideal thumb brace for a range of conditions. This firm support brace extends just below the wrist to the end joint of the thumb, to rest and reduce pain from Thumb Arthritis, Gamekeepers or Skier’s Thumb and overuse injuries. The thin, light-weight interior frame is cushioned with a tri-layer material of soft foam, sponge and velour, to provide ultimate comfort that easily adjusts to your hand. Protects your thumb, day or night, with optimal support.

    SilverRing Swan Neck Splint Size 13

    Use the SIRIS Swan Neck Splint for mild to moderate hyperextension (less than 25 degrees) of the PIP or DIP joint. Worn on the fingers or the thumb, the SIRIS Swan Neck Splint blocks hyperextension without limiting flexion. SIRIS Swan Neck splints can be used for DIP joints with mild to severe hyperextension as long as the DIP joint can passively flex and the PIP joint can actively extend.

    ProCare Thumb Splint

    Universal, wrap-around support with functional features to address a variety of pathologies including Gamekeeper's/Skier's Thumb, Basal Joint Arthritis and Thumb Tendonitis. Dorsal, radial and palmar stay pockets on thumb contain a malleable aluminum stay and spiral stay that may be removed or modified for desired support. Bilateral fits right or left thumb.

    FormFit Thumb Spica with Extension - LEFT MEDIUM

    Form Fit Splint Spica Wrist/Thumb Black 7.25-8" Contact Adjustable Radial/Palmar Stays Non-Sterile Reusable Size 8" Medium Left Each

    UTS Universal Thumb Support

    The Universal Thumb Support is low profile and made of a stretch neoprene with a bendable metal stay that limits radial and palmar abduction of the CMC joint flexion and extension of the MCP joint.

    Finger Compression Sleeves

    Finger Sleeves for alleviating joint pain and stiffness in the fingers and thumb.

    Benik W204 Wrist/Thumb Wraps

    Wrist wrap provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist and thumb. Extended proximal length with wrap-around Velcro closure offers extra wrist support. Specify right or left hand.

    LMB Soft Core Wire-Foam Ulnar Deviation Splint

    Post-surgery/injury positioning; Wrist drop; Finger flexor tightness; Not recommended when moderate to severe spasticity is present. Right, 3-3/8" - 3-3/4" MP Joint Width -Large

    Primo Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica

    Recommended for immobilization of MP and CMC joints, deQuervain’s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Contouring allows for full finger/ hand function and palmar spread.

    FREEDOM Comfort Thumb Wrap

    FREEDOM® comfort Thumb Wrap comfortably holds user's thumb in opposition while allowing unimpeded function of fingers and hand. This thumb wrap provides excellent compression and support with its premium elastic two-way stretch material. Extra-long, removable metal stay extends from IP joint to wrist. Easily adjusts for custom thumb positioning as well as mild support at the wrist. Wrap-on application and hook-and-loop closures at the wrist and thumb make this support easy to apply and remove. Indications include gamekeeper's thumb, collateral ligament injuries, post-casting, and MP/CMC arthritis. Fits left or right.


    The RCAI Resting Hand Orthosis is made of heat moldable thermoplastic for patient customization. The raised lateral palmar ridges of the orthosis discourage radial or ulnar deviation and reinforce the orthosis to accommodate muscle tone and spasticity.

    W-701 Hand Based Radial Nerve Splint

    This hand based splint provides digit and thumb MP extension with digit and hand weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy.

    Universal 9" Thumb Spica

    The Universal 9″ Thumb Spica is designed to provide reliable support and comfort. The brace can be adjusted to fit most patients, and the one-pull lacing system makes it easy to fasten with just one hand. With its universal sizing and adjustable features, it is a versatile solution for patients and healthcare professionals. Universal 9" Thumb Spica available in Left and Right.

    Thumb Support