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    RM BendEase Hand – Universal

    Provides moderate, comfortable support of the hand and wrist, post injury or surgery
    • One size fits most hands.
    • Foam over aluminum base can be remolded by your health professional to continue the restorative process.
    • Lightweight support for painful extremities.
    • Padding provides comfort and redistributes skin pressure.
    • Additional padding in the thumb pocket (included) allows gradual abduction of severely deformed thumbs.
    • Wide, contoured wrist strap conforms over and stays on the wrist.
    • Color coding aids proper strap attachment.

    Cleaning Instructions: Use hospital-approved disinfectant or household antimicrobial cleaner/disinfectant according to the label instructions for hard plastic. Padding can be laundered by hand or on gentle cycle of home type washer with mild soap. Rinse. Squeeze between towels to remove excess water. Line dry. Do not use chlorinated products such as bleach. Warranty: See for warranty information. Warnings: • This device is for single patient use only. • Consult a clinical professional before using this device. • Check all skin areas each time the splint is removed. If any discoloration does not return to normal within 3-5 minutes, discontinue use and report to your health professional. Do not use the splint until this situation has been resolved.

    Recommended Wear Time: Apply the splint initially for 30 minutes. Remove and check the skin for redness or breakdown. If the skin integrity is compromised, discontinue use and contact your clinician. Otherwise, gradually increase wearing times to the duration recommended by your clinician to no more than 6 hours at a time. Restorative Medical’s wear times are suggested and should be discussed with your clinician. Cautions: • Not user repairable. Consult your clinician or Restorative Medical if damaged. • No hazardous material present. Follow local environmental codes for waste disposal.