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    Tall Handles for Maxi

    Tall Handles for Dolomite Maxi Rollator
    Product #: 214766CH

    These extended handles give an additional 4" of handle height to the Dolomite MAXI.

    Sold by pair. Fits Dolomite MAXI Rollator.

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    Dolomite: Maxi+ Standard Heavy Duty Four Wheeled Walker

    For the customer who requires a walker with more capacity, consider the Maxi+. It is a wider steel frame, 20.5” and has a greater weight capacity, 452 lbs. while remaining a 19 lb. walker. The arms adjust in increments for 6 inches of height range and have ergonomic grips from 32.5" to a maximum height is 39.5"

    Oxygen Tank Holder Holds B, C, D Tanks on Dolomite Walkers

    A secure way to carry your oxygen cylinder with you. The metal frame hangs from the walker cross bar beneath the seat, replacing the basket. A Velcro strap hold the cylinder tightly in the frame but easy to open to remove the cylinder. Holds a B, C or D size tank. Fits Legacy, Symphony, Alpha and Maxi standard or Low sizes.