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    Dolomite: Maxi+ Standard Heavy Duty Rollator

    For the customer who requires a walker with more capacity, consider the Maxi+. It is a wider steel frame, 20.5” and has a greater weight capacity, 452 lbs. while remaining a 19 lb. walker. The arms adjust in increments for 6 inches of height range and have ergonomic grips from 32.5" to a maximum height is 39.5"
    Product #: 2D12120CLH


    • Heavy-duty 452 lb capacity
    • Removable basket
    • Flip-up seat for greater reach or gait training
    • Seat handle release to fold walker
    • Magnetic seat latch secures against accidental closure
    • Comfortable molded grips
    • Adjustable back strap
    • 8" indoor-outdoor tires
    • Curb climber on rear wheel assists lifting front of walker
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