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    Diabetic Supplies Travel Case

    Take your diabetic supplies on the go with this travel case!
    Product #: 2699TCA


    • Made of heavy-duty nylon, more durable and scratch-resistant. 
    • Thick padding sandwiched between layers of material, which helps keep the diabetic supplies in good condition. 
    • Two zippered pockets on top for storing lancets, testing strips, alcohol wipes and other diabetic testing accessories. A flap in the middle has 2 pockets and slots to store lancing device and insulin pens.(Please note this bag doesn't keep pens cool.) 
    • Two removable storage pouches in the bottom are used to store blood glucose meters and glucose pills. (The pouches are fastened by adhesive straps, which make them stable.) 
    • Compact Size: 8.9" x 5.5" x 1.75". Also comes with a detachable hand strap for convenience. Good for daily use or keeping in the backpack on vacation.
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