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    Smart WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser

    Whether you’re managing prescription medications, dietary supplements, daily vitamins, or other oral treatments, LiveFine takes the guesswork out of your routine with the ultimate efficiency and reliability system. This WiFi-enabled Smart Dispenser makes tracking, taking, and managing your meds easy—with an ultra-convenient remote monitoring option to help your family members and caregivers check on your progress straight from their phones. Plus, with 9 unique dosage templates, the easy-fill carousel allows you to organize, secure, track, and dispense pills for up to 28 straight days with a maximum of 9 reminders per day. A jumbo LCD screen provides first-glance updates on the current time, upcoming alerts, battery life, and more.
    Product #: 296475A


    • Smart Wifi Pill Dispenser – Reminds you to take medications with beeping alarm and flashing lights up to 30 minutes; helps patients and caregivers prevent double and missed doses with wifi connection to mobile app.
    • Integrated Mobile App Connects via Wifi to help you, your family, and your caregivers monitor your progress from anywhere. Available on iOS and Android.
    • 28 Spacious Compartments – Holds multiple pills, tablets, and capsules per partition, eliminating the need for regular refills; perfect for prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, aspirin, antibiotics, birth control, etc.
    • 9 Dosage Rings Allow you to automatically dispense pills anywhere from 1x to 9x daily for up to 28 days; for instance, use the “1 dose” ring to dispense pills once a day for 28 days, “2 doses” ring to dispense pills twice a day for 14 days, “3 doses” ring to dispense pills three times a day for 9 days, etc.
    • Easy-Read LCD Use to adjust settings and view important time and alert information; large buttons, letters, and numbers are great for seniors
    • Clear Removable Carousel – Makes it easy to fill slots, install dosage rings, and view pills to monitor daily progress; rotates automatically per schedule
    • Transparent Locking Cover – Includes powerful anti-theft latch and manual key to prevent messes, tampering, and unauthorized access
    • Locking Key Locks and unlocks the pill dispenser cover
    • Sliding Pill Delivery Door Once a compartment rotates into position, open the door, flip the unit upside down, and pour pills into your hand
    • Alarm Tone Choose from [3] unique tone patterns for audio alerts
    • Volume Control Lets you adjust sound from silent to loud
    • Plug-In Operation Plugs into a standard outline, with [4] AA batteries as a convenient back up
    • ClockChoose from 12-hour or 24-hour mode
    • User Guide  Provides comprehensive instructions for how to set up and enjoy your pill dispenser in a jiffy